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Filter your documents view by date

You can now filter the list you see under the "Documents" navigation points by date. This is possible for all kinds of dates: invoice date, due date, payment date and delivery date.

This new functionality works especially well in combinations with others: * search for a supplier and then set a filter for the current month to find their newest invoice * filter for invoices pending approval and the due date within the next three days to identify urgent approval needs * filter your list by the closed quarter and download a CSV-file of it to create some graphs and charts which will help you to control your budgets!

Mozhde Amiri
Francesco Saccone
Junior Developer

Siddhesh Bhasme
Christoph Müller

Merlyn Nita Ramanan
Machine Learning Developer
Akua Appiah-Lindberg
Junior Developer

Rachel Fernandez
Product Manager
Christian Wenzel
Product Designer

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